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Tom Ford to Direct 2nd Film. No Details Whatsoever

Unfortunately that’s the truth. While fashion designer/director Tom Ford has stated that he will make another movie, nobody yet knows what it is.

Tom Ford’s debut as a feature film director A Single Man (2009) was lauded almost universally by critics and audiences, and with good reason. It is a sincere adaptation of Christopher Isherwood’s 1964 novel of the same name featuring an immaculate performance by Colin Firth.

In 2008 Ford provided suiting for what presently stands as Daniel Craig’s second and last James Bond film. Ironically not praised with anywhere near the enthusiasm as for his directing ability, it is not known whether Ford plans to travel down the ‘for hire’ costume route again. Incidentally A Single Man’s costume design is credited to Arianne Phillips (Walk the Line).

It is assumed that Tom Ford’s production company Fade to Black will be at least partially behind his new project, whatever it may be. When he chooses to announce exactly what it is instead of dropping salivating hints at London parties, we will be the first (well, maybe not the first, but nearly) to tell you.

Source: London Evening Standard

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