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Toy Story 3: New Clip – Ken Gets His Groove On

Watch the clip HERE

A new clip of Toy Story 3 has hit the internet. It’s got Ken. It’s got Ken wearing jeans. It’s got Ken dancing. Make this ninety minutes and you already have a spin off.

The clip is structured like a mock TV special ‘Groovin With Ken’, following the glossy one as he swans around his dream house. Ken (voiced by Michael Keaton) becomes increasingly exasperated with the off screen interviewer, especially his remark about the Ken doll box, “It doesn’t bother you that your name is eight times smaller than Barbie’s?”. “Ok, next question” mumbles Ken.

Appropriately enough the best moments involve clothes mad Ken and his bizarre (and accurate according to the real toy line) wardrobe. Watch as a pair of lime green sunglasses slip down his plastic face. Or marvel at those unashamedly nineties camouflage jeans. His best sartorial reveal comes early on, however, a monogrammed Ken bathrobe that if it isn’t already in the movie merchandising plan for grown ups, it darn well should be.

Toy Story 3 sees the regular gang accidentally shipped off to a daycare centre when their beloved owner Andy leaves for college. Planning a great escape to rival the movie of the same name, they join up with a host of new faces, including Ken, who may or may not be trustworthy judging by most clips, and before you can say “looks even better than the first two” an amazing adventure is underway.

Ken does already look to be the star. The sartorial details and innate self esteem issues at his ‘hanger on’ fame and smooth crotch masculinity (and, dare we say it, sexuality?) give rise to all sorts of chucksome jibes that we know director Lee Unkrich (Toy Story 2, Finding Nemo) will not fail to capitalise on.

One thing we are working on discovering is exactly who chose Ken’s outfits for the film. Perhaps Toy Story 3 won’t have a ‘costume designer’ as such, but someone will be doing a similar job. Keep checking back on that one. For now, though, enjoy the clip like we know you will.

Toy Story 3 is released on 18th June in the U.S. and July 23rd in the UK.

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