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Video: Clothes on Film Talk Game of Thrones Costume

Clothes on Film were recently invited to talk about the costume for HBO’s immense fantasy series Game of Thrones. The following video is a kind of Sky Atlantic ‘Thronecast’ vs HBO Sessions mash up. Our segment is four minutes in, but if you are a fan of the show (and who isn’t?) the whole thing is worth watching. Look out too for Sessions’ regulars Georgie Hobbs and Ben Boyer discussing everything from poltics to wolf puppies and rumpy.

Obviously we could have waxed lyrical about Michele Clapton’s frantically detailed costume design for far longer but the clock was ticking. What is most exciting about Clapton’s work is how creates a distinctive costume look for each family and kingdom; richer colours for the warmer climate across the Narrow Sea, icy blues and muddy browns for Winterfell, etc. Also the arc of the central characters can be charted by what they wear. For example, witness Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) evolve from a naive maiden in long Grecian dresses to bad-ass warrior in cut-off Dothraki tribal wear.

Game of Thrones season one arrives on DVD and Blu-ray on 5th March. Season two starts on Sky Atlantic on 1st April in the UK, just one day after its debut in the U.S. Winter is here, so pick your house and dress for battle.

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