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Video: Discussing Denim Jackets on Film at Mr Porter

Here’s a link to a video Clothes on Film editor Chris Laverty shot for men’s style journal Mr Porter as part of their Ask the Experts section. The topic is denim jackets in movies, from Hud (1963) to Back to the Future (1985) to Drive (2011), with a potted history of the garment thrown in for good measure. It is about three minutes long and definitely worth a watch, even if we do say so ourselves.

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  • Fred

    This made me want to buy one of these slim Denim jackets ! (I’m 46 ? So what ?)

    ; )

    • Chris Laverty

      I did make a rather sweeping generalisation. My only concern is that some men, not all, can search for their youth past the age of 40 when really they should be embracing a new era of mature style. Saying that I’m sure you’ll rock the slim denim and prove me wrong!

    • Fred

      That’s true that lately I was rather trying to look like a guy of my age, something mature… but if I wear a blazer jacket, then my jeans MUST have a hole or two at the knees… A Denim jacket could be a cool option from time to time, this way I could at least avoid the holes !

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