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Wall Street 2 On-Set Photos Online

Some on-set photos of Wall Street 2 have just made their way ONLINE.

As per our previous article, Shia LaBeouf in leather – an unremarkable looking black leather bomber jacket in fact – was spot-on. We didn’t predict the Gucci loafers though. And Michael Douglas in a black and white twill check shirt and black shades? Godron Gekko clearly did not keep up his GQ subscription in jail. Ellen Mirojnick created Gekko’s memorable look for the original film and she is back on board here.

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  • Chris Laverty

    Ooh, tough one Tara. Unless you already work in the business or know somebody who does it could be a bit of an uphill struggle. Check out The Prop Store of London to see how it’s done. Non-period costumes in films are often off the peg, so finding out who is wearing what is a matter of contacting the studio responsible and being persistent. Good luck with it all!

    • Chris Laverty

      I don’t actually. I think Fox are keeping tight-lipped about this stuff, maybe for promo tie-ins nearer the time. The film’s costume designer is the same as Wall Street 1 – Ellen Mirojnick. I would imagine Shia’s wardrobe will be a mix of designers, though that is only based on the photos I’ve seen. Apparently Vogue’s European Editor Hamish Bowles is making a cameo too. This is likely to be a big fashion movie.

    • Chris Laverty

      If you’re referring to the black leather baseball jacket worn by Shia LaBeouf in some early on set pics, I’m not sure. Though he has already been snapped in both Gucci loafers and a Gucci suit jacket, so…

  • Joe Slye

    I’d like to have a shirt like the bright blue linen Michael Douglas wore in the film. How can I get one like that?

  • Gary

    SPOLIER WARNING!!!!! I love the tie that moore wears in Wallstreet 2. The one with black and white checkers and orange in the middle. The one he has on when he accepts the check from his boss that commits suicide

  • Cecilia

    Does anyone know where to purchase a vest like Gordon Gekko wears in “Money Never Sleeps?” It is grey, double breasted with lapels. Thanks!

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